French 7. 
Please talk about the following questions in your learning journal. Create a French 7 page.

 1. What do you think you would like to know or be able to do in French 7? (3 goals)
2. What does a successful language learner need to do to develop language skills?
3. Choose a picture that represents what you would like to learn in French 7. Why did you choose this picture? How does it represent your goal?

Drama 7.
Pick 1-2 Questions to Talk About in Your Wikispaces Learning Log.
Please Create an Art 7 Page 1st.

1. Why is trust important in theatre?
2. Do I trust this group? Explain.
3. Two on a crayon. Am I a natural leader?
4. What is a tableaux? Mime?
5. What are some things to remember onstage?

Math 7. 

Please answer the following questions about the self-paced and group learning method for the integers unit.

 1. What did you like about doing the self-paced unit? What was challenging?
2. Would you want to do another unit in this way? Why or why not?
3. Do you think this worked well for your learning style? Explain.
4. What did you learn about integers? What do you feel you still need to know?

Gr. 7 Semester End / Mid- Year Reflection. (2011)
Please copy this into your wikispace learning log under a new page called "Reflection." 

1.       Talk about some of your school goals, and what strategies you tried in order to meet them?

2.       Keeping your Learning Style in mind, talk about some projects or assignments that worked for you and why

3.       What were you proud of this semester?

4.       What was challenging for you this semester in terms of learning? What did you try in order to overcome the challenge?

 5.       Something you would like your next semester teacher to know about you so they can help you learn better in their class.


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