The Learning Framework. 

This page contains the learning framework for the EPortfolio project.

Included are slideshows, documents, links, and other resources for learning teams interested in eportfolio assessment.

Gr. 7 Mid-Year Student Feedback. 

Student Feedback Final Tally.pdf Student Feedback Final Tally.pdf
Size : 459.028 Kb
Type : pdf

Project  Document Files 2010- 2012.

Grade 9 EPortfolio Competencies.pdf Grade 9 EPortfolio Competencies.pdf
Size : 193.067 Kb
Type : pdf
EPortfolio Project Learning Team 2010.pdf EPortfolio Project Learning Team 2010.pdf
Size : 606.567 Kb
Type : pdf
My Personal Learning Plan.pdf My Personal Learning Plan.pdf
Size : 191.985 Kb
Type : pdf
Student EPortfolio Feedback Form.pdf Student EPortfolio Feedback Form.pdf
Size : 254.957 Kb
Type : pdf
EPortfolio Brochure 2011.pdf EPortfolio Brochure 2011.pdf
Size : 757.03 Kb
Type : pdf

Project Links. 


Key Learning Competencies
                     for Grades 7-9 (2012)

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